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Atlas University Medicine Hospital has been earning the trust of its patients with quality healthcare services since 1998, facilitating the recovery of many patients with successful diagnosis and treatment processes, and establishing itself as a reputable healthcare institution. The hospital continues to provide services with its modern building equipped with state-of-the-art technology, technical devices, and equipment, covering an area of 75,000 m2. With a capacity of 400 beds and 19 operating rooms, one of which is hybrid, the hospital performs over 400,000 outpatient visits and more than 30,000 surgeries annually, making it one of the leading and pioneering institutions in our healthcare system.

Moreover, the hospital’s facilities include a 250-person conference hall and three classrooms, where it has undertaken an important mission by providing practical education for high school and university students for years and offering internship opportunities to over 10,000 students in the field of healthcare.

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