Acupuncture helps people get ready for weight loss. In fact, people lose weight in accordance with a tailor-made diet. Acupuncture helps those on a diet in four ways: 


1. Curbs and suppresses appetite. Secretion of endorphin (hormone of happiness) does not have to increase as it normally does as we eat, because acupuncture makes body release endorphins.

2. Regulates metabolic rate and activity. 

3. Eliminates potential side-effects of dieting such as gastric acidity, decrease or increase in blood pressure and blood glucose. Eliminates eating to suppress gastric acidity for hunger or gastric complaints that are associated with decrease in blood glucose. 

4. Reduces stress in people on diet. Regulates hormonal and enzyme activities that cause stress and prevent people from losing weight. This is because those under stress and therefore having dysfunctional enzyme and hormonal activities rapidly gain weight.

5. Prevents malaise and exhaustion. 


As a result, people can comply with a diet easily and lose weight without even being in need for a diet since metabolism will properly operate.


"Is the weight lost thanks to acupuncture regained?"

Regaining weight is out of question. It is because people tend to think that losing weight is a temporary process in any method used and this is wrong. What is important here is to adapt your lighter body to the new situation. This can be achieved by the program we name as the "protective therapy". "Protective therapy" is administered depending on the extent of one's weight loss. This method helps body getting used to the new weight, and prevents people from gaining weight in a shocking manner.


Is there any side effect of acupuncture?

This is a completely natural therapy since no chemical agent is administered into the body, and it has no side effect.  There are three cases where it would not be administered:

1. Breastfeeding mothers (first 6 months)

2. Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy

3. Those with a pace-maker in the heart 

Except from the abovementioned people, anyone can undergo acupuncture.


Who is eligible to perform acupuncture therapy? Is there any control or sanction imposed by the Ministry of Health?

In order to administer acupuncture therapy in Turkey, one is required to be a "physician" graduated from any Faculty of Medicine or Dentistry. However, the Ministry of Health has introduced some rules and procedures in this respect. Any physician who holds a "Certificate and License of Practice and Authorization" issued by the Ministry of Health is free to administer acupuncture therapy.


Is there any age limit for acupuncture therapy?

Acupuncture is administered for all ages as it is a completely natural procedure with no chemical addition.


Is there any side effect of acupuncture?

As long as it is administered under hygienic conditions and certain rules, it has no side effect.


How is it decided whether to needles or laser acupuncture is to be performed?

Acupuncture can be administered by means of capillary needles such as conventional body acupuncture needles and permanent ear needles or of laser for those with needle phobia (often children).


Does acupuncture have any effect on children for malnutrition?

Acupuncture can be administered in an effort to suppress appetite for children at a developmental stage. However, the diet should be meticulously scheduled in consideration of the fact that the person in question is at a developmental stage.


Does this method work for bedwetting children?

Acupuncture offers a success rate as high as 75 to 80 percent unless the underlying cause is an anatomic disorder (weak bladder muscles, urinary system infection, nerve compression that makes bladder muscles innervated) in cases of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting).


Is it possible to treat asthma, allergy and sinusitis during childhood which recently became more pronounced with acupuncture?

In cases of allergic asthma, allergy and sinusitis, acupuncture therapy should be first taken into consideration and administered only by specialists of "Chest Diseases", and "Otorhinolaryngology". Acupuncture offers an alternative for those who experienced treatment failures, and these people must absolutely give it a try. The success rate is undeniably high in the treatments performed.


What do acupuncture sessions depend on?

Response to therapy depends on age, gender and person. One must remember that each organism has a distinct characteristic. However, it is safe to say that early age and early diagnosis provide advantages since the chronicization of a disease is related to the elapsed time.


How about acupuncture for pregnant women?

There are some misconceptions about acupuncture in our society. While acupuncture is a completely natural treatment with no side effect, the misconception of "how it could not be administered for pregnant women" still persists. Yet, the reason why this misconception is cemented is that pregnant women have a hard time in keeping up with strict diets and nutrition programs adopted in an effort to lose weight in company with acupuncture unlike in the case for overweight people. Accompanied by a proper diet, acupuncture administered for weight control purposes damages neither the mother nor her baby.


Can pregnant women stay fit through acupuncture without any damage?

In this case, acupuncture therapy must be shaped by "an obstetrician and gynecologist" who follows up pregnancy along with diet. Acupuncture can be confidently administered to avoid gaining excessive weight during pregnancy, curb food craving and take appetite under control. Additionally, it can be administered for people with excessive nausea during pregnancy. Those willing to quit smoking to avoid its detrimental effects during pregnancy can make use of acupuncture, as well.


Is it possible to perform infertility therapy with acupuncture?

Acupuncture can be administered for people who have previously undergone tests of any nature, made use of all treatment methods (in vitro fertilization, micro-injection etc.) but failed to see any positive outcome to get pregnant. This alternative method must be absolutely tried as a last resort. Just like it is the case with the nature, human body has a balance of energy, too. Based on striking the balance again, acupuncture offers significantly positive results.


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