Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerve Surgery namely Neurosurgery is a dynamic and ever-growing discipline of medicine. Calling for attention and experience most among all medical disciplines, Neurosurgery entails to work in line with cutting-edge technology, scientific facts and an experienced team. Keeping up with latest developments, Medicine Hospital renders well-qualified, experienced and unparalleled diagnostic and therapeutic services for both brain and spinal cord surgeries as well as nerve surgeries. Our hospital's Neurosurgery Department is equipped with advanced technical infrastructure to perform all types of brains, spinal cord and nerve procedures including specialized brain surgeries. 


- Neurovascular Surgery 

- Cerebrovascular diseases (vascular diseases of brain) 

- Aneurysm 

- Arteriovenous malformations 

- Cavernomas 

- Neuro-oncological surgery 

- Intracranial neoplasms 

- Glial tumors 

- Meningiomas 

- Pituitary gland tumors 

- Metastatic intracranial neoplasms 

- Skull base tumors 

- Cerebellopontine angle tumors 

- Pineal tumors 

- Intraventricular tumors 

- Surgery for spinal diseases 

- Cervical, thoracic and lumbar disc surgery (endoscopic/microsurgery) 

- Cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebral fractures 

- Spinal and vertebral tumors 

- Scoliosis 

- Degenerative spinal diseases 

- Surgery for peripheral nerve diseases 

- Peripheral nerve tumors 

- Entrapment neuropathies 

- Carpal tunnel syndrome 

- Ulnar tunnel syndrome 

- Tarsal tunnel syndrome 

- Functional neurosurgery and pain surgery 

- Trigeminal neuralgia 

- Microvascular decompression 

- Epilepsy surgery 

- Spasticity surgery 

- Epiduroscopic interventions 

- Surgical procedures for hydrocephalus 

- Endoscopic 3rd ventriculostomy 

- VP shunt operations 

- LP shunt operations 

- Developmental anomaly 

- Meningomyelocele 

- Tethered cord syndrome 

- Arachnoid cyst 

- Operations for Craniosynostoses 

- Chiari malformation 

- Head trauma 

- Subdural hematomas 

- Intracerebral hematomas 



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