In case most of the dermatological disorders, which gains importance in line with varying environmental circumstances, are not treated by specialists, they are likely to lead to worse conclusion in both physical and visual terms. One must avoid therapeutic methods with no scientific basis of dermatology and cosmetics and instead see a specialist. Our department provides expertise on a variety of problems such as fungal and acne therapy and follow-up, allergic eczema and nevus follow-up ranking among top disorders following skin cancer. Our teams of dermatology attain successful results for the early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer in particular.


- Skin Infections (fungus, bacterial infections and warts)

- Sebaceous Gland Diseases (Acne, dandruff)

- Allergic Skin Diseases

- Urticaria

- Rosacea

- Psoriasis

- Vitiligo

- Behçet's Disease

- Eczema

- Nevus

- Skin neoplasms

- Hair diseases and Alopecia

- Nail Diseases, Ingrown Toenail

- Canker sores

- Excessive Sweating

- Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (Syphilis, gonorrhea and others)

- Skin blemishes

- Scars

- Burn

- Phototherapy (PUVA, UVB), Whole body and local hand-foot PUVA therapy

- Wood's lamp examination

- Nevus mapping (Dermatoscopy)

- Dermatological surgery (Skin biopsy, excision, incision, electrocauterization, cryotherapy)

- Laser therapy for varicosity

- Allergy tests (Prick testing, patch test, blood tests)

- Cosmetology (botox, filling, mesotherapy, lipolysis, P.R.P, Laser, hair transplantation)

- Botox

- Filling

- Chemical peeling

- Fractional Laser, ND YAG Laser

- Lipolysis

- Mesotherapy

- P.R.P

- Hair transplantation


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