Pediatric Surgery

Providing specialized polyclinic services in pediatrics, Medicine Hospital treats any surgical problem that may manifest itself in kids aged 0 to 14, and delivers successful surgical interventions including open and endoscopic ones if required. The department of pediatrics is equal to the task to fix anomalies of newborns that are diagnosed prior to birth or those manifesting themselves after.


- Esophageal atresia

- Gastric antral web, pyloric stenosis, duodenal atresia

- Jejunal and ileal atresia, colonic atresia and anal atresia

- Omophalocele, gastroschisis

- Newborn duplication cysts, mesenteric and omental cyst

- Diaphragm (separates chest from abdominal cavity) hernia and morgagni hernia

- Inguinal region and scrotumdiseases

- Undescended testicle, ectopic testicle

- Inguinal hernia

- Hydrocele

- Inguinal cyst

- Testicle torsion

- Testicle trauma

- Circumcision

- Urinary tract diseases

- Prenatally-diagnosed renal anomalies - Renal cysts, structural anomalies, renal expansion

- Urinary tract strictures between kidneys and bladder

- Urinary leakage from bladder to kidneys

- Urinary tract strictures after bladder (urethral valve)

- Hypospadias

- Epispadias

- Urolithiasis (kidneys, urinary tract or bladder)

- Renal cystic diseases

- Urinary incontinence in the day and at night (enuresis)

- Genital diseases

- Ambiguous genitalia Female-looking but a big size of clitoris or male-looking

- Small penis and mammals not in scrotum

- No vaginal opening (vaginal atresia)

- Labial adhesions

- Liver, bile ducts and splenic diseases

- Bile duct strictures (biliary atresia and choledochal cysts)

- Liver and splenic cysts Simple cysts and hydatid cysts

- Gall bladder stones

- Splenomegaly

- Accidents and injuries

- Trauma (Onboard or extravehicular accidents, falls and impacts)

- Burn Liquid, surface or flame burns

- Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of esophageal, gastric and duodenal burns after intake of acidic or basic agents

- Esophageal, gastric or intestinal obstruction after intake of a foreign object

- Foreign-body aspiration

- Constipation

- Constipation induced by routines or diet

- Hirschsprung disease, pulmonary and chest-wall diseases

- Pulmonary structural anomalies (aplasia, hypopolasia, emphysema, sequestration cyst)

- Pulmonary cysts (hydatid cysts)

- Neck diseases

- Congenital residual cysts around neck thyroglossal cysts, branchial cysts

- Thyroid gland surgical diseases Goiter, cysts

- Torticollis

- Adenoids Diagnostic biopsy

- Acute abdominal pain

- Gastrointestinal perforation

- Meckel's diverticulum (small intestine)

- Invagination

- Perforation or torsion of ovary cysts

- Intestinal adhesions

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