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We provide Home Healthcare Services through Medicine Hospital to individuals who are unable to go to healthcare facilities due to their illness, face risks in going out during the pandemic, or have transportation problems due to their disabilities, as well as to our elderly population. We meet their needs for home visits, treatment, and medical requirements with our expert doctors and experienced healthcare team.

Home Healthcare Services are provided in the comfort zone of the patient, adhering to high hygiene and health standards. The service includes doctor examinations, nursing care, psychological counseling, dietitian monitoring, medical device support, patient transfer services, and comprehensive laboratory tests.

Our personalized home healthcare services

Home Telemedicine

Our Online Consultation service has been developed specifically for patients who are unable or prefer not to visit the hospital, especially during the pandemic. By requesting an Online Consultation appointment, you can have a video consultation with your doctor and receive examination, diagnosis, and testing services.

Home PCR Test Service

As part of home healthcare services, our experienced team can collect PCR test samples at your home or workplace.

Home Doctor Service

Provided in the comfort of your own home, away from the hospital environment, relevant diagnosis and treatments are provided by expert physicians.

Home Nursing Service

Stoma Care, Dressing and Wound Care, Injections (IM, IV, SC), Blood Pressure Measurement, Intravenous Fluid Administration, Catheter Insertion, Tracheostomy Care, Nasogastric Tube Care, Port Needle Change/Flushing, Blood Testing

Home Medical Device Service

Provision of medical devices and equipment tailored to the patient's needs is ensured.

Home Psychological Counseling

Upon the evaluation of our doctor, suitable patients are provided with home psychological counseling services.

Home Dietitian Service

Nutritional counseling services are provided to oncology patients, pregnant women, and individuals experiencing weight gain/loss issues in their own homes.

Patient Transfer Service

With our patient transport vehicles and ambulance services, we ensure the safe and comfortable transfer of the patient from the hospital to their home or from home to a healthcare facility."

With Medicine Hospital Home Healthcare Service;

• The risk of infection is minimized. • Time loss is prevented. • The service provided in the comfort zone has positive psychological effects, away from the hospital environment. • Reliable healthcare service is provided with an expert and experienced team.

For Applications and Detailed Information;

Patients or family members can apply by calling our hotline at 444 0 205. After the application, the patient or their family member will be contacted to provide detailed information about our healthcare services tailored to their needs and to schedule an appointment.

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