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New Era in Eye Area Aesthetics

Medicine Editorial Team

In today’s conditions, stress, air pollution, radiation from smartphones, and toxic chemicals accelerate the aging process. The eyelids, being the thinnest and most delicate skin area of our body, are the first to show the effects of aging. Under the light of advancing technology and science, we, as oculoplastic eye doctors, are working tirelessly to reverse the effects of time both aesthetically and functionally.

Through surgical and medical treatments commonly applied in this field, we effectively combat issues such as droopy eyelids, under-eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles and sagging around the eye area, as well as inward and outward rotation of the eyelid.

In addition to upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty) surgeries, we can also correct structural abnormalities that create a tired and sad expression in the eyes due to loss of elasticity in the composition area of the eyelids (known as negative canthal tilt) through procedures called canthoplasty and canthopexy. With these surgeries, popularly known as Almond Eye Surgery, we achieve a more dynamic, attractive, energetic, and youthful appearance.

Furthermore, in cases of drooping, wrinkling, sagging, or bagginess of the eyelids, we can perform rejuvenation and youthfulness by removing excess fat, muscle, and skin tissues, or by using autologous preparations derived from the individual’s own fat tissue. These preparations contain progenitor cells, which are one of the most effective weapons in rejuvenating a person. These applications are painless, bloodless, well-tolerated, and have long-lasting effects, providing highly successful results in rejuvenating the eye area.

Our treatments not only serve cosmetic purposes but also contribute positively to the correction of functional and structural abnormalities in the eyelids. In addition to these, we strengthen our fight against time in rejuvenating the eye area through medical aesthetic methods such as fillers, botulinum toxin, radiofrequency, mesotherapy, and thread lifting.

With passion and excitement, we continue to work for beautiful eyes that see and are seen beautifully.

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